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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Recipes on the Energy Fast Calendar

Recipes that go with the Energy Fast Calendar. A yummy vegetarian recipe will be featured each Friday.
(The recipes here are in the order they appear in the calendar, with the older first date lower on the page and the newer most recent date higher at the top of the page. Scroll down to see all of the actual recipes.)

The recipe of the week - Meatless / Fishless Fridays:

April 2 - Good Friday - Share a recipe of your own for others to try;
March 26 - Aimee’s Vegetarian - Kale Stew recipe;
March 19 - Ohio Valley Vegetable Soup (from the Corpus Christi Soup Sale);
March 12 - Kelly’s Black Bean and Zucchini Tortillas;
March 5 - Linda McCartney’s Pasta Flageolet Soup;
February 26 - Patti’s Lentil-Barley Stew;
February 19 - Kelly’s Frittata;

Think about he cost and the impact on the earth of raising animals for our food. Consider a meatless / fishless day every week! (In addition to the recipes listed in our calendar, and above here, there are recipes shared by others. Scroll down here to see all of the recipes. When you reach the end of the page go to the "Older Posts" link on the far right side of the page.)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aimee’s Vegetarian - Kale Stew recipe

Kale Stew

3 cups dried black-eyed peas
3 large tomatoes
1 bulb of garlic
1/4 cups extra virgin olive oil
4 bunches of kale leaves
4-6 cups water
optional chili powder to taste

Rinse and pre-soak black-eyed peas overnight or for 6 hours. Boil until
soft. (A pressure cooker cuts cooking time and energy use) Strain and
set aside.

Peel and chop garlic. Peel and dice tomatoes. Wash kale leaves. Strip
leaves from stem and tear into pieces around the size of the palm of your

In a large pot, heat olive oil on medium-low to medium heat. Make sure
temperature is low enough to prevent oil from smoking. Add garlic and
saute until golden brown. Add chili powder to taste if you like spicy
food. Add tomatoes and, once soft, add black-eyed peas, kale pieces and
water. Simmer with lid, stirring occasionally, until kale reaches desired

Serve over brown rice. As a main dish serves 4-6

Note: We often serve this with a side dish of seitan, a meat substitute made
from wheat gluten. We buy it pre-marinated, cut the cubes into slices,
and saute briefly on medium-low to medium heat with olive oil.


Ohio Valley Vegetable Soup (from the Corpus Christi Soup Sale)

Ohio Valley Vegetable Soup (from the Corpus Christi Soup Sale)

Soup Sale for Corpus Christi
Join us in supporting a soup sale fundraiser for children’s programs at Corpus Christi (our sister parish in Detroit). A package of soup costs $7 and makes 6-8 servings; soups are all natural, meat-optional, and contain no added salt, preservatives, or msg. Soups available for purchase are: corn chowder, sausage lentil, red bean chili, white bean chili, wild rice, and vegetable.
The soup packages will be available for sale during coffee and donuts... ... or, you may order by contacting Kelly Gauthier at chaysayd(at) or (734) 769-0807.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kelly’s Black Bean and Zucchini Tortillas recipe

Black Bean and Zucchini Tortillas

My kids love these! They are easy and may be the best quesadilla you've ever tasted.

2 pounds zucchini, grated or finely diced

30 oz. cooked or canned black beans, drained

16 oz. Monterey Jack cheese, grated

2 green onions, chopped

Olive oil


8 eight-inch tortillas

(you can also add 1 minced jalapeño, if desired)

Toss zucchini with salt in a colander, and squeeze out excess water. In a large bowl, combine zucchini with beans, cheese, green onions, and jalapeño.

Brush one side of each tortilla with oil. Place 4 tortillas oil-side down and spread each with ¼ of the zucchini-bean mixture. Top each one with an oil-side-up tortilla.

Place quesadillas on a baking sheet and broil about 1-2 minutes per side, until golden. (Serves 4)

Note: You can serve with sour cream and salsa on the side, if desired. Add Spanish rice for a hearty meal, although the quesadillas themselves are very filling.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Linda McCartney's Pasta Flageolet Soup recipe

Linda McCartney's Pasta Flageolet Soup

1 can Great Northern Beans, drained and rinsed

2 cups vegetable stock or water

3 sticks celery, chopped

1 medium onion chopped

1 carrot, chopped

1 clove garlic, minced

1 16oz. can chopped tomatoes

Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

1 teaspoon freshly chopped herbs (I recommend basil)

1/2 cup macaroni or other noodles

Place the celery, onion, carrot and garlic in a large pot together with the tomatoes, beans and 1 cup of stock and stir well. Add the salt and pepper and cook mixture, covered, for 45 minutes.

Remove half of the mixture and puree in a blender or food processor, then return it to the pan, stir well and leave it on the heat. At this point, add the fresh herbs and a little extra stock or water if desired.

In a separate pan, cook the pasta in plenty of boiling, salted water, then drain and set aside.

Place a small amount of the pasta in each serving bowl and pour the hot soup over it. Sprinkle with grated cheese and serve immediately.

(Serves 4 and is very easy to prepare)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Patti's Lentil-Barley Stew Recipe

Lentil-Barley Stew

¼ c. extra virgin olive oil

¾ c. chopped celery

¾ c. chopped onion

6 c. vegetable broth

¾ c. lentils

1 - 28 oz. can of diced tomatoes

1 - 15 oz. can of tomato sauce

¾ c. barley

¼ t. pepper [or to taste]

½ t. garlic salt

½ c. shredded carrots and cook 5 minutes more and serve.

1. Saute' in a large pot, olive oil, celery and onion.

2. Add the vegetable broth, lentils and cook 20 minutes.

3. Add diced tomatoes, sauce, barley, pepper and garlic salt and simmer 45-60 minutes.

4. Add shredded carrots and cook 5 minutes more and serve.

Note: I have also placed all ingredients in a crock pot, cooked on high for 4-6 hours and it tastes great! This is a hardy meatless / fishless stew! (Serves 6)

Adapted from More-With-Less Cookbook by Doris Janzen Longacre, p. 107

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kelly's Frittata Recipe


A frittata is an Italian version of an omelet. It is robust and cooked in a heavy skillet over low heat until firm. It is left open-faced, not folded, and served in wedges. A frittata is a great way to use up left over veggies. You can use whatever vegetables you like, but this version uses potatoes and peppers.

1 Tbsp. olive oil, butter or margarine

8 oz. red-skinned potatoes, thinly sliced

½ cup sliced onion

½ yellow bell pepper, thinly sliced

½ red bell pepper, thinly sliced


Freshly ground pepper

8 eggs

2 ¼ cups finely shredded parmesan cheese

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Heat oil or butter in a large ovenproof skillet over medium heat. Add potatoes, onion, and peppers. Cook, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are tender (approx. 10 min)

  1. Add salt and pepper (you can also add other spices if you like, such as a pinch of sage or basil)

  1. Whisk together the eggs, 2 cups of the cheese, and a dash of salt and pepper; pour over vegetables in skillet and cook until edges of eggs just begin to set (approx. 3 min)

  1. Sprinkle top with remaining ¼ cup of cheese and bake in oven until center is set (approx. 8 min)

  1. Cut into wedges and serve (serves 4). We usually serve with buttered toast on the side.

Note: If you don't like peppers, you can use any veggies you like. We often throw in zucchini, asparagus, steamed broccoli, and/or seeded and diced tomatoes. If you want to add tomatoes, though, add them at the same time you pour in the eggs (so they don't overcook).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ann's Favorite Cocoa Recipe (a sweet treat or dessert)

Here is my favorite recipe for Hot Cocoa. Be especially aware that Ovaltine is better than those other kinds, with very low Cholesterol and the Sodium is lower, plus it tastes better. Here goes;

1-2 Cans of Ovaltine-Malted Milk Flavor
1 box (Reg size) of dry Milk
6 oz of Cremora
2 c of Confectioners sugar ( May use Sub)
Mix all ingredients and store in a tight covered container. Use 1 tablespoon of the mix, per cup with either Hot Water, or cold, if Microwave is available.

-- Ann L.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Borscht with Egg Salad

4 Beets
5 Carrots
4 Celery ribs
1 bunch of green onions
2 T soy sauce
water to cover

Egg Salad-
6 eggs
4 T Yogurt (or sour cream)
4 T Mayonaisse
4 T Cilantro (or dill)
generously salt and pepper to taste

Roughly chop the beets, carrots, celery and green onions. Place in a large, heavy bottom pot, and cover with water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 1 hour.

While the vegetables are simmering, make your egg salad. Place eggs in pan, cover with water and bring to a boil. Turn off the water, cover and let stand for 15 minutes. Rinse eggs in cold water, peel and chop the eggs. Place in a bowl with the yogurt, mayonaisse, and cilantro. Add a little more salt and pepper than you think you'd like. Mix thoroughly.

When the vegetables are all soft, puree them, water and all either in a blender or with an immersion blender, this can also go through a food mill or food processor. The soup should be thick and smooth.

Serve the soup garnished with a big scoop of egg salad.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Egg Plant Dish

Egg Plant Dish
   3T. Olive Oil
   1 Onion (chopped)
   8 – 12 oz. Mushrooms (1 package)
Sauté those then add
   1 Eggplant (cubed)
When soft add
   1-20oz. can of diced tomatoes
   2 Peppers cut to bite size
   a little basil, pepper & salt to taste.

Polish Potato/Vegetable Salad

Polish Potato/Vegetable Salad
(Recipe organized by Kasia & Scott Wright on Christmas 2002.)

- 1 Celery Root (boiled + peeled);
- 2 Parsnips (peeled +boiled);
- 3 Apples (fresh);
- 4 Eggs (hard boiled);
- 5 Carrots (peeled + boiled);
- 6 Potatoes (boiled + peeled);
- 7 Cucumbers in brine (from jar small);
- 8 T. Yogurt plain (about 1¼ Cup);
- 9 t. Mustard 9 t. (9 t.=3 T.);
- 10 Green Onions (fresh) (or 1 Leek);
- 11 oz. Peas (1 can drained);
- 12 oz. Mayonnaise (about 1 Cup);
- a little salt & pepper;

Boil cooked vegetables & eggs in one pot. Let cool. Peel. Cut all into pea sized. Fold in peas, mustard, mayonnaise, yogurt. Salt & pepper to taste. Enjoy.